SUNPAT ECO™ (with non-halogenated organic solvents)
               Room temperature endless splicing and repair
- Labor savings, without the need for a heavy vulcanizing press
- Only a short time needed to splice belts
- Belts can be put into operation two hours after splicing (at temperatures of 15° and over)
- Can be used on a wide range of belts (standard, medium heat resistant, oil resistant)
- High bending resistance and high bonding performance


                - Room temperature endless splicing and repair
                - For use on Sun Conveyor Belts, G-CARRY, Rock Belts (No.s 0-2), MONOPLY Belts
                  (Not for use on oil resistant belts (swelling))
                - BLACK #25 also available
                - Store in an unlit area, at temperatures between 5 - 25°