High performance Powdered Metal Cobalt Drills

               - The combination of Powder Metal HSS and SG Coating provides the longest tool life in HSS coated drills.
               - Ideal point and flute geometry with high accuracy will realize stable drilling and excellent hole position.
               - High efficient machining by high speed and high feed drilling.  

          SG-ESS Drill - Technical Information
               - 4-Faced Self-Centering Point
               - Designed & Engineered for Drilling stainless Steel & Hi-Temp Alloys
               - Made from Premium powdered metal cobalt substrate
               - Composite Multi-layer SG Coating (Tin + TiCN)
               - Precision ground end mill style shank for accurate and precision drilling
               Work Materials:
               - Hi-Temp Alloys
               - Stainless Steels
               - Alloy Steels
               - Aluminum Alloys
               - Carbon Steels
               - Cast Irons
               - Structural Steels
               - Brass & Bronze
               - Equals Solid Carbide drill in performance in Stainless Steel, Inconel & Titanium
               - 30% ~ 40% Cheaper than Carbide Drills
               - Self-Centering point eliminates need for center drill operations
            Characteristics of SG Coating & Performance of SG Drill Series              


               SG-ESS Application Success Data

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