Gates Super HC Plus/Vextra
Gates Super HC Plus Vextra is a compact belt which saves space and also ideal for backside idler.

It has superior flexibility and has the ability to reduce heat built up, thus has 33% longer life and lesser maintenance and downtime as compared to other belts.

Match System: All Sizes meet Gates V80 matching tolerances providing 100% matched belt set so they can be installed without matching.
Gates Super HC Plus Vextra belts are available in the following cross sections:
  • •       XPZ/3VX
  • •       XPA
  • •       XPB/5VX
  • •       8VX
1: Narrow cross-section.
2: Wrapped construction.
3: Gates Curves - Arched top,concave sidewalls and rounded corners provide uniform tensile loading and uniform pulley sidewall contact for excellent belt service life and reduced pully wear.
4: The Flex Weave® oil and heat resistant cover protrcts the belt core from the toughest environments.
5: The vulcanized"Flex-bonded" tensile cords provide superior resistance to tensile and flexing forces, fatigue and shock loads.
6: High-quality rubber compound protects the belt against heat, ozone and sunlight.
7: The belt will not catch fire from heat build-up, even with severe slippage.
8: Static conductive - ISO 1813 and RMA IP 3-3.
  Width mm Height mm
XPZ,3VX 10 8
XPA 13 10
XPB, 5VX 16 13
XPC 22 18