Gates PK Micro V Belts
Gates PK EPDM Micro V Belts gives you OE fit  and provides higher load capacity under a wider temperature range.
Silent running
  • •       Fibre-loaded compound damps possible misalignment noise
    •      Optimal profile offers smooth belt-to-pulley contact
Straight Shank
  • •       The low belt profile offers increased belt stability and reduced slip
    •       Tensile cords from polyester prevent elongation
    •       Ideal for smaller pullys and shorter span lengths now found in the more powerful and compact engines
    •       Resistant to flex fatigue
  • •       Fibre-reinforced EPDM compound guarantees optimum performance under high/low temperatures
    •       EPOM is highly effective against pilling, oil drops and ozone
    •       High wear resistant back fabric
    •       Polyester tensile cords for high load-carrying capacity at high tensions
Section Ribs Width(3.56mm)
PK 3 10.68
PK 4 14.24
PK 5 17.8
PK 6 21.36
PK 7 24.92
PK 8 28.48