Gates Vulco Power II V Belts
Gates Vulco Power II V Belt has concave sidewalls to provide more wedging effect. It is highly resistant to oil, heat, ozone, sunlight, weather and ageing.

It is Static Conductive and are able to withstand temperature variations between -40 C to + 80 C.

V80 features provides Matched sets Advantage

Gates Vulco Power II are available in A, B, C, D, E cross sections
    Top width a Thickness b Angle θ
FHP 3L 10.0mm (0.38”) 5.5m (0.22”) 40°
4L 13.0mm (0.50”) 8.0mm (0.31”) 40°
5L 17.0mm (0.6”) 9.0mm (0.38”) 40°
Multiple A 12.7mm (0.50”) 8.0mm (0.31”) 40°
B 16.7mm(0.66”) 10.7mm(0.41”) 40°
C 22.2mm (0.88”) 13.5mm (0.53”) 40°
D 32.0mm (1.25”) 20.0mm (0.75”) 40°
E 40.0mm (1.50”) 25.5mm (0.91”) 40°