Gates Truflex V Belt
Gates Truflex V Belt gives optimum service on fractional power drives including back idler applications. The lower cord positioning improves the performance on light duty belt drives.

Gates Truflex is recommended for applications such as lawn mowers, electrical household appliances and air conditioning equipment.
Gates Truflex V belts are available in the following cross sections:
  • •       2L
  • •       3L
  • •       4L
  • •       5L
1: Thanks to its special thin profile, this belt is recommended for small diameter drives.
2: Low cord positioning makes this belt appropriate foe back idler applications.
3: The Flex Weave® oil and heat resistant cover protrcts the belt core from the toughest environments.
4: The vulcanized"Flex-bonded" tensile cords provide superior resistance to tensile and flexing forces, fatigue and shock loads.
5: The belt will not catch fire from heat build-up, even with severe slippage.
6: Static conductive(ISO 1813).
  Width mm Height mm
0(2L) 6 3
1(3L) 10 5
2(4L) 13 8
3(5L) 17 10