Gates Quad Power V Belts
Gates Quad Power V Belts is Top of the range Narrow V Belt for Heavy Duty Industrial Drives. It is developed to replace traditional V Belts on applications where space and weight savings are critical- V Belt with highest capacity on small pulley diameter.

Match System: All Sizes meet Gates V80 matching tolerances providing 100% matched belt set so they can be installed without matching.
Gates Quad Power V belts are available in the following cross sections: 
  • •       XPZ/3VX
  • •       XPA
  • •       XPB/5VX
  • •       8VX
1: Narrow cross-section.
2: Moulded notch, raw edge construction.
3: Optimised notch profile reduces and evenly distributes thermal and bending stresses. Notch depth is in proportion to the cross-section to ensure perfect stability.
4: Precision-ground sidewalls give a uniform wedging action.
5: Fibre-loaded elastomeric compound withstands heat, ozone, and sunlight and provides better cord support.
6: Flex-bonded polyester tensile cords are vulcanizeds as one solid unit, increasing the belt's resistance to tensile and flexing forces.
7: Double Flew-Weave® textile backing protects the belt against wear - especially when back idlers and used.
8: Cross-cords improve belt stability.
9:Even with severe slippage, the belt xill not catch fire from heat buildup.
10: Static conductive - ISO 1813 and RMA IP 3-3.
  Width mm Height mm
XPZ,3VX 10 8
XPA 13 10
XPB, 5VX 16 13
XPC 22 18