Gates Predator V Belts
Gates Predator are the highest rated and most robust V belt ever designed. The predator is unique and unrivaled in their extreme robustness and high load carrying capability, performing well in harsh and extremely demanding applications.

Gates Predator Belts uses high strength aramid tensile cords and have at least 40% higher power ratings than standard construction V Belts
Gates Predator V belts are available in the following cross sections:
  • •    5VP/ SPB-P
  • •    SPC- P
    •    8VP
    •    AP, BP, CP
    •    Gates Predator Powerband V Belts
1: Aramid tensile cords provide extraordinary strength,durability and virtually zero stretch.
2: Double fabric cover offers extreme abrasion and wear resistance.
3: Specially treated extra tough cover withstands slip and shear forces at peak loads without generating excessive heat and resists penetration by foreign materials.
4: Chloroprene rubber compounds provide superb oil and heat resistance.
  Width mm Height mm
5VP/ SPB-P 17 13
SPC- P 22 18
8VP 26 23
AP 13 8
BP 17 11
CP 22 14