Gates Powergrip Classical Timing Belts
Gates Powergrip Classical Timing Belts offer a maintenance-free and economical alternative to conventional drives like chains & gears. Its application range extends from minimum drives(computer printers) to Heavy Duty machinery
Gates Powergrip Classical Timing Belts are available in the following cross sections:  
  • •       XL
  • •       L
  • •       H
  • •       XH
  • •       XXH
1: Trapezoidal tooth form.
2: Precisely formed and accurately spaced elastomeric teeth ensure correct engagement in the pulley grooves. 
3: Fibreglass tensile cords.
4: Tough nylon facing protects the tooth surfaces.
5: Available in standard pitches according to ISO 5293:MXL, XL, L, H, XH and XXH.
6: For MXL sizes and description, see page 95.
  Pitch mm T mm B mm
XL 1/5(5.080mm) 1.27 2.3
L 3/8(9.525mm) 1.91 3.5
H 1/2(12.7mm) 2.29 4.0
XH 7/8(22.225mm) 6.35 11.4
XXH 1.1/4(31.75mm) 9.53 15.2