Gates Polyflex V Belts (Polyurethane V Belt)
Gates Polyflex Series Polyurethane V Belts are suited for extremely small diameter pulleys and very compact drives with high rotational speeds.

Polyflex is ideal for use on machines or machine tools requiring high performance and smooth operation in limited space such as bench type milling machines, lathe drives, woodworking and metal working machine spindle drives, blower and cooling towers.
Gates PolyFlex V belts are available in the following cross sections: 
  • •       3M
  • •       5M
  • •       7M
  • •       11M
1: Polyurethane compound, superior to  conventional belt materials, offers high faigue and wear resistance and high friction coefficient, It also improves adhesion to the tensile cords.
2: Polyurethane is extremely resistant to heat, chemicals and oil.
3: Uniformity throughout Polyflex® is ensured because the Polyurethane compound is not layered bu cast as a single unit after the positioning of the tensile cords in the mould.
4: Ribbed top provides lateral rigidity without increasing bending stresses. The ribs also help to keep Polyflex® belts running cool.
5: 60°angle results in better support of the tensile section, and provides a more even load distribution.
  Width mm Height mm
3M 3 2.28
5M 5 3.30
7M 7 5.33
11M 11 6.85