Gates Analogue Tension Testers
Gates have 3 types of Tension Testing tools for use in the servicing of belt drives. The single barrel(30Lbs), the Double barrel (66Lbs) and the five barrel(165Lbs) tension testers can be used to accurately measure the tension of individual or joined belts upon installation or during maintenance.

Using the tension testers ensure that correct tension is maintained and is repeatable. This will yield not only a longer service life but a predictable one, enabling scheduled replacement.
Gates Powergrip/Poly chain Long Length Timing Belts are available in the following models:
  • •       Gates Pencil Type Tension Tester (30Lbs)
    •       Gates Double Barrel Tension Tester (66Lbs)
    •       Gates Five Barrel Tension Tester (165 Lbs)
    •       Universal Tension Gauge