Cleco® is a global leader in manufacturing and delivering world-class assembly solutions including DC electric and pneumatic assembly tools, and pneumatic power motors.

          Cleco was founded in 1894 as Cleveland Pneumatic Tool Company in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Cleco’s expertise is the culmination of 120 plus years of delivering assembly tools and systems for a wide range of applications in the automotive, energy, aerospace, and general industries.
          This expertise is differentiated by the superior quality and performance in a wide range of tools that consistently offer innovative, long-lasting, and safe solutions.
          Cleco’s solutions are focused on increasing productivity while enhancing the users’ experience with simplicity of set-up, ease of use, and focus on comfort and safety.
          Cleco Fastener Deluxe Kit
          This listing includes Cleco Fasteners and CLECO PLIERS WITH GRIP
          Standard 0-1/4'' grip plier operated Cleco fasteners. The plier-operated series sheet holder clamp is the standard temporary fastener solution. These spring-loaded and steel bodied fasteners are dedicated to light clamping forces (No more than 25lbs.) and are a simple, plier-actuated, inexpensive, alternative to competitive
          A cleco fastener (also spelled cleko), also known as a skin pin, is a fastener developed by the Cleveland Pneumatic Tool Company. Cleco fasteners are widely used in the manufacture and repair of aluminum-skinned aircraft and in automotive repair, where it is used to temporarily fasten multiple sheets of material together before the pieces are permanently joined.
          Cleco pliers are specially designed for installing spring-loaded temporary fasteners. A specially designed ''body seat'' holds the fastener in place while the plunger is depressed. These nickel-plated or black-oxide coated pliers are constructed of forged steel , thus resisting wear, abuse, and corrosion.
          The plier-operated KSG series is designed to clamp material together where no holes are available. Ideal for bonding, gluing and sealant operations, these clamps work well with all types of material. The larger surface area minimizes scarring while its spring-loaded mechanism prevents over-tightening.

       Kit Contains: 
       20 Each: K3/32, K1/8, K5/32, K3/16 - CLECOS
       3 Each: KSG3/4x1/2, KSG3/4x1 - CLECO CLAMPS
       1 Each: K200CG - CLECO PLIERS WITH GRIP