Bando V Belts
Bando V Belts are built for maximum tension control, drive uniformity and long life with minimum heat built up and stretching.These premium Bando V Belts have proven to have twice the service life and significantly greater transmission capacity than most other brands.
Bando V Belt Family
  • •       Bando K Type V Belt
  • •       Bando M Type V Belt
  • •       Bando A Type V Belt
  • •       Bando B Type V Belt
  • •       Bando C Type V Belt
  • •       Bando D Type V Belt
1: Rubber impregnated canvas
2: Polyester tensile members
3: Chloroprene insulation rubber
4: Chloroprene compression rubber
    Top width a Thickness b Angle θ
FHP 3L 10.0mm (0.38")   40°
4L 13.0mm (0.50")   40°
5L 17.0mm (0.6")   40°
Multiple A 13mm 8mm  40°
B 17mm 11mm 40°
C 22mm 14mm 40°
D 32mm 19mm 40°
E 38mm 23mm 40°