Bando STS Synchronous Timing Belts
Bando STS timing belts have unique modified curvilinear tooh form that enables the STS belt to transmit greater load than like-sized drives.

Smoother tooth engagement and direct contact of belt tooth with the pulley grooves enables the belt to run quietly – even at high speeds

No Lubrication or re-tensioning required.
Bando STS Synchronous Timing Belts
  • •       Bando S8M Timing Belt Range
  • •       Bando S14M Timing Belt Range
1: Polyurethane backing
2: Aramid tensile member
3: Polyamid fiber loaded
4: Polyurethane teeth
Type P H B
KPS Ⅱ 8M 8.00 2.86 4.80
KPS Ⅱ 14M 14.00 5.00 8.5