Bando PowerAce V Belts
Bando Narrow V Belts have high horsepower rating and requires only 1/3 of the space needed compared to traditional V belt drives. These belts are also thicker and able to realized higher loads.

The Narrow V Belts have high heat and oil resistance and has long life span as compared to other brands in the market.

Bando PowerAce raised crookedness nature by making texture of canvas into 120 degree instead of 90 degrees of conventional V Belts
Bando Narrow V Belt – SP Type
  • •       Bando 3V PowerAce V  Belt
  • •       Bando 5V PowerAce V  Belt
  • •       Bando 8V PowerAce V  Belt
1: Rubber impregnated canvas
2: Polyester tensile members
3: Chloroprene insulation rubber
4: Special lateral reinforcing cord
5: Chloroprene compression rubber
Type Top width a Thickness b Angle  θ
3V 9.5mm (0.38") 8.0mm (0.38") 40°
5V 16.0mm (0.62") 13.5mm (0.54") 40°
8V 25.5mm (1.0") 23.0mm (0.88") 40°