Bando Power Scrum V Belts (Multiple)
Bando  Power scrum V belts ensure permanent matched set with no signs of lateral whip, spin or turn over when run on machines.

They are manufactured to withstand heat and are also oil resistant
Bando PowerScrum V Belt (Multiple Belts)
  • •       Bando A Type V Belt
  • •       Bando B Type V Belt
  • •       Bando C Type V Belt
  • •       Bando D Type V Belt
  • •       Bando 3V Belts
  • •       Bando 5V Belts
  • •       Bando 8V Belts
1: Tie-band
2: Polyester tensile members
3: Chloroprene insulation rubber
4: Rubber impregnated canvas
5: Chloroprene compression rubber
Type Top width a Thickness b Angle θ Pitch between two belts e
A 13mm   40° 15mm
B 17mm   40° 19mm
C 22mm   40° 25.5mm
3V 9.5mm   40° 10.3mm
5V 16.7mm   40° 17.5mm
8V 26mm   40° 28.6mm