Bando HTS Synchronous Timing Belts
Bando HTS Synchronous Timing Belt’s curvilinear tooth design improves stress distribution to provide high horsepower ratings over a wide speed range and high torque transmission at low speeds.

The rounded tooth profile meshes precisely with matching pulley grooves so that there is no belt creep or slip to cause speed variation.

Bando HTS belts are thin and flexible so that they do not generate heat build up, delivering excellent strength and long service life.
Bando HTS Synchronous Timing Belts
  • •       Bando HTS 8M Range
  • •       Bando HTS 14M Range
1: Chloroprene rubber backing.
2: Glass Fiber tensile member.
3: Chloroprene rubber tooth.
4: Nylon canvas
Type P H1 H2
8M 8.0mm  5.3mm  3.5mm
14M 14.0mm  10.2mm 6.0mm