Bando Bancollan V Belts (PU)
Bando polyurethane (PU) Cogged V Belts are the most precise V Belts. Because of their superior dimensional stability,  Bando’s VC & VD belts have half center to center distance variation of conventional belts. This stability and exceptionally high coefficient of friction adds up to minimal slippage.

The polyurethane construction eliminates the black dust problem common in conventional belts and has high oil resistance

Pulley as small as 0.6” can be used
Bando Bancollan V Belts(PU)
  • •       Bando VC-2L Bancollan V Belts
  • •       Bando VC6 Bancollan V Belts
  • •       Bando DC6 Bancollan V Belts
1: Polyester tensile members
2: Polyurethane compression section
  Type Top width a Thickness b Angle θ
VC 2L 6.5mm (0.25") 4.0mm (0.16") 40°
6 6.0mm (0.24") 4.0mm (0.16") 40°
DC 6 6.0mm (0.24") 4.7mm (0.16") 40°