Bando Agriculture V Belts
Bando’s agriculture V belts are designed specifically for reverse-bend drive by positioning tensile menbers closer to the neutral axis and by making the belt thickness a little thinner than that of Coventional Multiple V-Belts A, B, C sections.

It is particularly suitable to agriculture machinery such as combine harvester and garden tiller where belts are often driven with backside idler.
Bando Agricultural V Belts
  • •       Bando Agricultural V Belts-SA
  • •       Bando Agricultural V Belts-SB
  • •       Bando Agricultural V Belts-SC
1: Rubber impregnated canvas
2: Polyester tensile members
3: Chloroprene insulation rubber
4: Chloroprene compression rubber
Type Top width a Thickness b Angle θ
SA 12.7mm (0.5*) 7.0mm (0.27*) 40°
SB 16.7mm (0.67*) 9.0mm (0.35*) 40°
SC 22.2mm (0.87*) 11.0mm (0.43*) 40°